A Best Daily Meditation Book: Now, Why do I Need that??

Sometimes in life, we go through challenging situations or come across people who are difficult to put up with. Unfortunately, that is life. We tend to resist these situations and people and just don’t quite understand why these things happen to us. The more we resist, the more pain these situations give us. We keep thinking about them later, and go over them again and again, basically reliving them.

People around us tell us to forget the incident and move on, but we find all those suggestions impractical, especially when our mind is deeply in turmoil regarding those very issues. If the above is similar to what you are go through now and then, then it is wise to buy a best daily meditation book.

The reason for that is simple. When your mind is disturbed, you cannot think straight. You make bad choices and decisions, which only worsen your condition. Only when your mind is calm and poised, can you think straight and make helpful decisions.

Some of the Benefits of Meditation

According to research, meditation is the best way to solve most of life’s problems. Meditation is a root cause correction. The mind is the source of most problems in the body. When you have a calm mind, quiet soul, and peace within, it is good for health. It helps in lowering the blood pressure and controlling hypertension. The serotonin levels increase in the body, which improve your behavior and moods.

Your concentration, creativity, and stability of body, mind, and soul is increased multifold. Meditation can be done inside your home, outside, or just about anywhere.

How to Start Meditating?

Most importantly in life, you need a quiet and relaxed mind and soul. Creating the right kind of mindset is vital for success. You can perhaps start for five minutes and then increase it to even thirty minutes or more. Keep yourself from making excuses like you don’t have time, or it is too difficult to sit still for so long, etc.

While there are many ways to meditate, the simplest is to become an internal observer and not a participator. What does that mean? It means you just sit silently, eyes shut, and watch all the thoughts in you head flow by. Don’t engage with them or get lost in them. Just watch them as a third party. Don’t resist the thoughts. The more you resist a particular thought, the more dominant it will tend to become. The harder you try to suppress it, the stronger it will come back. Just watch and be aware.

Avoid getting involved with these thoughts and falling into thought spirals. A thought spiral is a circular thought which we keep going through or an incident we keep reliving again and again long after it has happened. Meditation is the art of distancing the pure awareness or consciousness from the content of consciousness, which contains this plethora of conflicting and disturbing thoughts.

While all this is great, why am I recommending a daily meditation book? The mind is a much more intricate mechanism than we can ever imagine. The words of wisdom which you would seed into your mind through continuous reading and reflection from a daily meditation book are extremely powerful. These words will take root into your mind and slowly grow into huge trees before you know it.

The process of meditation I described above will slowly dissolve the immense amount of transactional clutter in your mind. As you meditate and as all the short-term thoughts and concerns start to loosen their hold over you, the seeds of wisdom from the daily meditation books will get space to sprout and grow, and deeper insights will arise in your mind. Soon you will be surprised at how the content of your entire consciousness has been replaced!

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