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B hupendra Suri is a senior business executive who has had an extensive career of more than two decades with one of the leading multinational corporations and is currently working as the CEO of a well-known Indian brand. During his long professional career, a large part of which was in India, he has worked as the Business Head for different states and regions in the country. He is a Mechanical Engineer from IIT BHU and a Post-Graduate in Business Management from XLRI, Jamshedpur.

He ardently follows and researches progress in areas of science such as quantum physics, quantum biology, evolutionary sciences, genetics, neuroscience, psychology and personal growth and development. His secret passion has always been to connect the dots between the outer frontiers of scientific research and the creative and living world of the human spirit.

Bhupendra is married with two sons, and he currently lives in Gurgaon, India. Being the son of an Army officer, and later in his adult life, working in a transferable job, he is accustomed to moving every two to three years, and has lived in over fifteen cities. Bhupendra finds it easy to adjust to diverse cultures, and enjoys searching for patterns of commonality in diversity and integrating different points of views.

In 2003, he had a personal, life-changing experience which brought about a complete paradigm shift within him. The process initially started to change him internally, but soon started to impact him externally, changing his lifestyle in a massive way. This shift resulted in a complete reversal, without any medication, of several physical ailments he previously had, as though, there had been a fundamental root-cause correction. While this process transformed his body, it transformed his mind in an even more substantial fashion. Startling revelations presented themselves, as if out of nowhere, and would take hold of his conscious as well as subconscious mind, which over time created a completely new way of looking at the world!

An unexpected dream of being a fly on a cart wheel led to an eye-opening, deep insight. Do we really have any “free will”? Or are we blindly driven by past conditioning, i.e., driven by forces (both physical and mental) emerging from the past and into the moment? Then, with no choice in the matter, are we getting pushed into the next moment, but at the same time experiencing an illusion of free will? What looked like a very simple question initially turned out to be a lifelong search . . .
A Fly on the Cartwheel
Bhupendra Suri

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