Is our experience of “free will” just an illusion? Are we like a fly that sits on the side of a rotating cart wheel moving up and down, experiencing happiness and sadness, imagining itself as the cause for the movements, while the cart trundles along with a much larger purpose? This question initially appears inconspicuously in Amit’s mind as he meanders through real life situations, but soon turns into a feverish quest. Finally, a deeper understanding dawns which changes him forever….


Writer’s bio

B hupendra Suri is the CEO of one of the well-known Brands in India. Prior to this, he has had more than two decades of experience with a leading multinational corporation. A Mechanical Engineer from IIT BHU and post graduate in Business Management from XLRI, Jamshedpur, Bhupendra has extensive experience in marketing, sales, operations and strategic planning. Bhupendra is happily married and he and his wife Harpreet have two sons.

Bhupendra has had a long-term fascination with the developments at the crossroads of science and spirituality. When he is not busy solving the problems of the business world, Bhupendra loves reading and learning about progress in areas of science such as quantum physics, quantum biology, evolutionary sciences, genetics, neuroscience, psychology and personal growth and development. His secret passion has always been to connect the dots between the outer frontiers of scientific research and the creative and living world of the human spirit.

A personal, life-changing experience in 2003 laid the foundation for this book.



A Fly on the Cart Wheel - An Introduction

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